First-of-its-Kind National Theater Festival for Veterans Who Are Using Drama to Find Emotional Resilience

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Veterans Theater Foundation is raising money for homeless veterans and doing projects for all homeless. Veterans Theater Foundation is raising money for homeless veterans and doing projects for all homeless.

Disabled Army Vet to Receive $40K in Overdue Benefits VA to pay disabled army veteran long-overdue $40K in benefits – The Veterans Administration has notified a disabled Army veteran in New Jersey it will. He has also fallen behind on the mortgage payment on his home, which he had owned free and clear before. Programs exist for disabled.

Traditional Students and Veterans: Using Drama to Bridge a Difficult Gap By Gaby Bedetti "Fantastic show, that’s what education should look like!" said Travis Martin’s generous e-mail in response to our class’s attempt to capture the experience of war and its aftermath in a play.

Ananya Dance Theatre will present the keynote performance at the Crossing Boundaries Festival & Conference, September 25, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company will present "roktim: nurture incarnadine," its new production that premieres at The O’Shaughnessy in St. Paul, September 18-19, at the Ethiopian National Theatre.

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Theatre training to Build Emotional Intelligence in Your Child. For 8-11 nights in the summer/winter, The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp will help your child to embrace these fundamental skills. Founded in 2001, the YATC is unlike any other camp on the planet. OUR PROGRAMS Developed by a team of talented, innovative instructors,

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There was something therapeutic for him about performing Shakespeare. And it got him thinking that maybe he could use theater to help others. So he worked with psychologists at NYU to design the DE-CRUIT class. It’s a seven-week traveling workshop where veterans use creative writing, Shakespeare, and breathing techniques to process their experiences.

In March of 2016, TCG launched the Veterans and Theatre Institute (VTI), a pilot program for veterans and active military personnel to experience, study, and create theatre. By developing unique curricula for four communities through engagement with military and community partners, VTI will build sustainable relationships among veterans and the theatre community.

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